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Misk Aldar was chosen to be the only and exclusive authorized maintenance center in Kuwait for GROHE

Because trust means a lot to us and because we want to serve you as we can, we are now the authorized maintenance agent for the German company GROHE.

GROHE is a world-leading provider of sanitary equipment and a global brand specialized in providing innovative sanitary ware.

Therefore, Misk Aldar was chosen to be the only and exclusive authorized maintenance center in Kuwait for GROHE, in confirmation of the effective presence of Misk Aldar in the Kuwaiti market in the field of general maintenance, and Misk Aldar also provides its customers with integrated solutions in the field of maintenance with effective performance and competitive prices.

At Misk Aldar we are always looking for a solution to your problems, we have flexible solutions, our perfect management always there to give an answer to all your inquiries and provides you with your needed services, also what differentiate Misk Aldar is the skilled technician, we trains them hardly and giving them the enough experience to use the latest mechanisms and deal with the latest technologies at the perfect way, and that is what we offer for you and your home to serve your home.

Misk Aldar is a maintenance service company for your home, we are keen on the availability of the trained and skilled technician who work with the newest tools and the most recent technology, we have more than a hundred cars with all the necessary parts for the maintenance of your home located all over Kuwait, and we also have a good team of operations management that works at the highest level of technology to ensure rapid response, access and follow-up after service, also to be ensure of customer satisfaction, accuracy of implementation and quality of service.

During the past ten years, we have been able to serve a lot of houses and reach all parts of Kuwait to be with you in everything related to your home of maintenance.

Your bathroom always deserves the best, the recent and the most comfort.

Therefore, we provide you with excellent maintenance for a more comfortable, safe and perfect bathroom that will last a lifetime, and we guarantee you that our maintenance is the best ever.

Misk Aldar has a complete team to support your home.

Misk Aldar invests heavily in the technical support team to provide you with an excellent maintenance experience, technical support serves you 24/7 to ensure quick response on time.

Misk Aldar also invests in its technician and training them, as we have a complete team professionally trained in the field of home and plumbing maintenance, because we working to serve you for 10 years, we always keen to be the best in the field of home and plumbing maintenance and always compete to be the first.

Your choice of GROHE helps the environment.

Every step we take today in order to preserve the earth and sustain its bounties, is in fact a favor we make for each other and for next generations, your choice GROHE helps for saving water and provides an appropriate water temperature, thus saving energy, reducing water waste and helping in a better future.

Quality and trust are the motto of our company

Therefore, we always choose the best technicians and tools to ensure accuracy and quality in the maintenance of your home, and we always provide you with a guarantee on our maintenance, which shows the extent of our confidence in what we offer and the extent of our interest in your home and your comfort always, we guarantee you the best maintenance experience in Kuwait.

Misk Aldar is the best choice.

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